Who said Denmark is flat??

I took these pictures from a small hill 100m away from my QTH and it's about the same height as my antenna.  My antenna is about 100m ASL which is quite high after Danish conditions.

north view

This is the north/east view, a difficult path due to high hills.


South/east view also a lot of hills close by, but a clear shot.


South view is a perfect shot with downhill all the way down.  It's sloping more than the picture tells, but if you're on a bike you don't have to pedal the first 2 km !  Getting home is a different story.  If it had been a little more clear weather you would have been able to see the Baltic Sea.

west view

My west view, if you concetrate a bit you can see the antenna or at least the tower.  West is a good shot, nothing is higher  all the way to the end of the island.

north view

North view.  A little to the left of the white windmill (plenty of those here) is the Naestved TV/Radio transmitter located (about 10 km away).  It's transmitting  on VHF, but no problems on 6m.

This area was created during the Ice Age.  The ice did push soil and gravel in front and when the ice finally melted the area was shaped with a lot of hills and "valleys".  Gravel have been dug up for years and been one of the larger financial factors besides farming.  The farmers have mainly sugar beets, rye and barley on their fields.

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