This is where all the OZ8ABE QRM is coming from !


Working condx:
HF: Yaesu FT-2000 (not on pic yet), OM2500 (not on pic), Ameritron ATR 30, Sommer XP808 13 elm LP@ 70 ft/23m, Lannabo 80/160m vertical, slopers for 60 and 80m.  In winter time a couple of bev. antennas 300m towards W, 200m towards NE.
VHF: Yaesu FT-847, Yaesu FT-212RH, UK Linear Amp Hunter Six, 13 elm LP @ 70ft/23m (6m), Combi LP 1m boom, 5/8 GP (2m) 
UHF: Yaesu FT-847, Yaesu FT-7800, Combi LP 1m boom, 5/8 GP (70 cm).
Headsets: 2 x Heil BM-10 headsets with HC-4 elements.
Hand-Held: Yaesu VX 7 and FT-10R.
Accessories: Inrad Vox Box (for FT-847), Yaesu YS-60 (SWR), Comet CM-200 (SWR), Comet CF-416 (Duplex filter),
                    Yaesu DVS-2 (FT-1000D).
Rotor: Big Boy TS-71.
Keyer: ETM-9COG + a couple of Bencher keys.
PSU: 2 x SEC1223.
Computer 1: Slow...
Computer 2: A bit faster.
Log software: DX4WIN
Digitale mode software:  MixW 2.08
Drink: Coca-Cola
I use the same antenna on both HF and 6m and the 2 transceivers can work simultaneous (QRO) through a duplex filter customized by DJ2NN with almost no interference.

This is the guy making all the QRM:


QSL cards are welcome and I have received a lot, safely stored in these boxes that contains up to 1.000 cards each.


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