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Hello There !!  You are tuned in on the homepage of OZ8ABE a.k.a. Bo Soegaard.  This site is made by a radioamateur for radioamateurs.  73 and I hope to CU on the bands.....

I have been HF licensed since early 1991 and worked all countries around the World.

\ 6 10 12 15 17 20 30 40 80 160 Sum
CW 164 327 328 335 338 337 339 335 330 307 2976
SSB 173 329 329 339 339 339 0 334 308 173 2490
Digi 126 272 287 320 311 329 323 312 258 195 2607
MIX 201 333 333 340 339 339 339 337 334 308 3002

Sum are all bands from 10 to 160m. (Update on Aug 3, 2020).

\ Cfm. Wkd.
CW 339 339
SSB 340 340
Digi 331 331
SSTV 68 104
Mix 340 340

 The general idea with this homepage is to have a log search:  

(Log update: often just delayed 1 day)

If you thought you were in log, but not found it could be a result of a typo, my poor CW reception, I've been to lazy to update this page. Just send me a mail and I look into it. If you need OZ on any bands between 6 and 160m CW, SSB or Digi-mode,  mail me and we can try to set up a sked.

I only enter the first QSO on each band/mode in log unless something rare stuff occur (like new county, aurora condx, mobile operation). Cards will be send 1 or 2 times a year to the OZ bureau from here.  

QSL sure via the bureau (from 2 to 7.000 every year) unless:
1) You said you don't QSL via the bureau.
2) I found unconfirmed from year 2012 or before and don't want to bore you with cards anymore

QSL also ok direct with a SASE to Bo Soegaard, Storlingevej 10, DK-4700 Naestved, Denmark.  It takes $ 5 to send a letter outside Denmark (no wonder why no one sends direct/snail mail from Denmark anymore).  

Latest news on 60m in OZ:

I'm using Yaesu FT-2000, 1/4 wave sloper fed in 22m and 1 kW with several beverage antennas for receiving.   I have worked 220 DXCC entities on the "new" band.  Since June 1. 2012 all OZ's with HF licens have got permission to use from 5.250-5.450 (VFO, not channals) with 1 kW and all modes.  60m is not the band to pick if you want to hunt all DXCC entities, but it's a fun band.  In terms of propagation 60m is like taking the best from 40 and 80m and mix it.  

New antenna set-up:

new antenna set-up

Finally the Optibeams came up.  On top OB6-5, below OB15-7.  After the good old Summer log-periodic did break the bom for good.

Still member of EDR our national radioamateur organization. 

My TX QTH is about 40 miles/60 km South of Copenhagen near Naestved, still on EU-029 or SJ001 in JO55VF grid..
If you want to see how it looks like in this part of Denmark then check Surroundings in the link area on top of this page.

I'm hunting DX, band modes, IOTA (wkd:1095), Grids on 6m (wkd:1081), US states (wkd all on all bands 160-10m) and counties (wkd: 2198).
10-X number: 54258.

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